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The Alcohol, Smoking and Substance Involvement Screening Test (ASSIST) is a comprehensive risk assessment tool. It makes use of risk categories determined by screening scores to help determine the ideal intervention strategy. The ASSIST asks about recent substance use over the past 3 months and also assesses for lifetime use risks. The tool provides a comprehensive list of substances for consideration, including tobacco and alcohol. The tool goes further to provide a level of risk for each substance assessed. This tool then provides information and feedback about the risks and harms associated for each substance. The information covers physical, medical, and psychological risks of regular substance use. Guidance is then provided for recommended best practice intervention in line with the risk level calculated. This may be in the form of information sharing, brief intervention or recommendation for onward referral for additional assessment and treatment.

This Web App version of the ASSIST tool has been developed by the Division of Addiction Psychiatry, within the UCT Department of Psychiatry and Mental health, with funding from the US Department of State INL through the South Africa ITTC programme.

Please note that the icons displayed at the top of each page can be used to assist you with the questionnaire.

The Info Icon: This is the Response Card information that needs to be read to the client regarding the different substances.

The Help Icon: This is the "frequently asked questions", about how to use the questionnaire.

The Exit Icon: This allows you to exit the questionnaire at any time, at the client's request.

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