The International Technology Transfer Center (ITTC) Network for Drug Demand Reduction develops and strengthens the workforce, organizations, and systems that provide substance use prevention, treatment, and recovery support services. Based in universities and research centers, ITTCs utilize a variety of strategies to accelerate the use of scientifically-based and culturally appropriate practices. The ITTC Network Coordinating Office in partnership with the International Consortium of Universities on Drug Demand Reduction (ICUDDR) unites the Centers into a mutually supportive network.

Technology transfer closes the gap between the development and evaluation of substance use prevention, treatment, and recovery innovations and the use of those innovations by practitioners. Technology transfer activities include translating research into practical materials (e.g., curricula, algorithms, mobile applications); raising awareness about research-based innovations through teaching/training events (e.g., webinars, conference presentations) and dissemination activities (e.g., distribution of news bulletins, emails, reports); supporting organizations in trying to adopt innovations (e.g., helping to pilot test and evaluate the fit of an innovation in a particular setting); and facilitating full, sustainable implementation of research-based practices with fidelity (e.g., ongoing skill development and coaching/mentoring, policy change, organizational change)

While each ITTC is unique, participation in the Network allows shared problem solving across the globe. The ITTC Network gives each ITTC access to international expertise on technology transfer, implementation science, and drug demand reduction. All materials created by Network members are shared: needs assessment and data collection templates, training materials and curricula, online courses and implementation guides are all available to members. The culture of the Network is collaborative and members support each other by discussing lessons learned, promising practices, and other knowledge. The ITTC Network Coordinating Office plays a leadership role in facilitating coordination, communication, and collaboration among the ITTCs.

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